Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice Broadcast?

Voice Broadcast is an automated technology that takes your nurturing and informational voice messages recorded over the phone, and then sends those messages on preselected dates and times to both the answer machines and live pickups of either all or part of your Customer Phone List.

Why does Voice Broadcast Work?

Believe it or not, your customers DO want to hear from you, and the Human Voice is still the most powerful communication tool on the planet; more effective than email, texting and mail. In fact, Voice Broadcast has an average 90% “reach rate” which is the highest message delivery rate in marketing automation.

It also doesn’t matter if you have 500 or 5,000 customers, you’ll be able to place a warm and friendly phone call to every one of them on a schedule of your choice, with the sole purpose of nurturing or informing them so they become loyal clients and then ultimately advocates who refer others to you again and again. And all these calls go out in literally minutes. This can also save you as much as 10 times on staffing costs.

Most businesses spend 90% of their time trying to get new prospects while virtually ignoring the clients they already have. In fact the Direct Marketing Association recently said..

“9 out of 10 clients buy another product or
use another service from someone else
because they don’t remember who you are…”

Voice Broadcast solves the problem of staying in touch with all your customers easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Can I use Voice Broadcast for Non Profit purposes?

Absolutely! In fact, click here to find out why your Non-Profit organization needs to use Voice Broadcast to control costs and increase revenue.

What separates ART from other Voice Broadcast providers?

There are a lot of Voice Broadcast companies out there, but most of them are purely technology providers who say “here’s the technology we provide…good luck.” So you’re pretty much on your own.

The difference with ART is that we offer a complete start to finish Revenue & Retention Program which means:

Will this take a lot of time and effort? What if I never get around to using Voice Broadcast?

That would be like paying for a monthly Gym membership, but never going to the Gym! We on the other hand practically do everything for you, so there’s really no excuse.

Our specialty is catering to the customer who is NOT “tech savvy.” In fact, think of us as your full time Customer Retention “Concierge”.

We’ll help you choose the best scripts, instruct you on how to record your messages and even record them for you if you want. We’ll format and upload your phone lists and schedule all your calls whenever you want them to go out, even Birthday and Reminder calls that need to be scheduled every day. Can’t get any easier than that!

Why am I paying the $20 "Monthly Concierge Service Fee"?

This monthly fee covers the monitoring and maintenance of all subscriber calls as well as the daily scheduling ART undertakes to send “drip” campaigns such as Birthday wishes and important reminders for our customers who choose to take advantage of these campaigns.

This fee also covers the time we make available to our subscribers who contact us seeking help with everything from script selection, custom script creation, marketing advice, recording their messages, or formatting and uploading phone lists.

What if I don’t like the sound of my voice?

No problem at all. The monthly concierge service fee also covers the services of a studio voice talent who will record your messages “on your behalf”. Your monthly fee includes an unlimited number of voice-over studio sessions!

What if I get complaints from my customers?

You’ll never be able to please 100% of your customers. There will always be a few who don’t like Voice Broadcast calls, even Birthday calls believe it or not. The truth of the matter though is when given the opportunity to opt out, less than ½ of 1% ever choose to do so. That means 99.5% of your customers want to hear from you.

Can I use Voice Broadcast to prospect for new customers?

No, it is illegal to use Voice Broadcast to call phone numbers of people who are not your customers from a phone list you may have purchased or otherwise have in your possession. We realize you’re in business to make money but you cannot cold call with Voice Broadcast.

What about these FCC rules I’ve heard about?

The FCC started regulating Voice Broadcast a number of years ago because of large companies who abused it.

People are all too familiar with the annoyance of receiving telemarketing calls during dinner from an uninvited source letting them know they’ve won a “free cruise” for taking a short survey, or offering to reduce their credit card interest rates or a politician asking for your vote. These are the types of calls that infuriated consumers.

However, when someone you know, respect or admire calls with a nurturing or informational message pertaining directly to you, you are happy to listen.

Your customer will always have the opportunity to opt out of receiving any further messages from you if they want, however in the 7 years we’ve been tracking this, less than ½ of 1% ever choose to do so.

Finally, in the past 24 years that we have been providing Voice Broadcast services, there has never been one instance where one of our clients has called us saying they were being sued by their customer for sending them a Voice Broadcast message.

How soon can I get set up?

Once you sign up for ART’s Voice Broadcast, confirmation and activation of your account happens within minutes.